• Latest News: SPC CALLS A PASTOR Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church is delighted to announce that we have called the Reverend Gusti Linnea Newquist to be our new pastor. The congregation approved her terms of call at our September 15 congregational meeting in a unanimous vote. The Rev. Newquist brings with her a wealth of education and experience that make her uniquely suited to lead SPC into our future. More details at Rev. Gusti Newquist.
  • The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was elected June 10, 2018. - Christa Joyce, Joshua Nolen, Elaine Hurd, Chris Morehouse, Catherine Irwin, Dave Smith Rev. Bill Sitterley convened the first meeting of your PNC on Thursday, June 21. Rev. Carl Howard, our liaison with Shenandoah Presbytery, was also present. Carl will be guiding the PNC throughout this process. Catherine Irwin was elected as chair of the committee. 
  • "Mini-CAT" Summary
  • Rev. William V.P. Sitterley was hired as our Interim Pastor on September 24, 2017.
  • An overview of the transition process is available below.
  • For some common questions and answers regarding the transition process, see: Q & A's
  • Transition questions and/or concerns should be directed to the Stated Clerk of Session, Lois Spreen via or Office Manager Kathy Reid via  Depending on the question or concern they will relay it to the appropriate individual or committee for a response.